South Africa I Still Love You

South Africa, I still Love You

Written by Gero Lilleike

People fascinate me. I go watch a movie at a friend’s house and I’m not there for even five minutes and some junky is outside in the street trying to break into my car. There is no radio in my car, nothing, because it was stolen a few weeks ago, ok.  “Sorry, the other guys got here before you my brother” is what I thought to myself.

The gear lock was on as was the steering lock and the anti-hijack would have kicked in anyway. This thief was going nowhere quickly, thankfully. The street guard managed to chase the thieves away and they disappeared into the Jozi night, as they always do. The bright chaps managed to unlock my door but broke the lock so I couldn’t lock my car.

I then thought. Well, I guess I have to get that fixed pretty soon.  It’s that, or I could make my car a home for homeless people instead. The next morning I shoot off to my trusty mechanic and he sorts it out no problem. I pay him, done.

As I step out the office I notice that my car has been washed. I only realised a second later that an elderly Madala was standing not too far away. I greet him and ask him if he washed my car. He responds, “Yes sir, I wash your car.” I thanked him and gave him a note for his kindness. He took his hat off in delight and bowed to the side and then said “thank you sir, wherever you get this money, I hope you get more”.  I replied and said “I hope the same for you my brother”.  South Africa, I still love you.

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