Year Of Our Ocean

I must thank the Editor of ZIG ZAG, Mr Will Bendix, for publishing this letter because I feel it’s important to create awareness around the state of our oceans. Unfortunately he didn’t publish the poem accompanying the letter but I have included it here to drive the point home and get people thinking about it.

The Lookout

Year Of Our Ocean – Published in Zig Zag Surf Magazine April 2011

Surfing in the kelpy lineup of Elands Bay on 1 January 2011 was an amazing experience that made me realise how much we actually take the ocean for granted. As surfers and sea lovers, we reap so much love and joy from the ocean. Humankind, however can be brutal in raping and pillaging the ocean for what it’s worth – be it through oil pollution, over fishing, poaching, or plastic, you name it.

That’s why 2011 is so important. It’s officially Year Of Our Ocean or YOOO, an action-driven awareness campaign that’s running across the globe. Everyone can do their bit to save our oceans, even if it means simply pulling some plastic from the sea after every surf. So to all my fellow readers out there, use YOOO to start making the difference. Its our responsibility and the time is now.

The Sea

In the darkness and the deep,
Where the mother yearns,
Do forgotten secrets sleep,
In love, her heart burns.

In the distant light to be,
With wind she must dance,
Her treasures for all to see,
In waves, lies her trance.

On the shore we stand in awe,
Her bosom full of joy,
Through her eyes we see our flaws,
Her soul, we destroy.

No matter what she will be,
Forever, she is our sea.

Gero Lilleike

Goodbye Johannesburg

There is light on the horizon. As the rising sun warms her concrete flesh, her people rise to meet her concrete needs. As she reveals her truths, her people, consumed by her golden light, fall into a long, deep sleep. When darkness falls, darkness rules, and her cold, empty shells remain. Her people sleep and the sun rises to warm her once more. She is Johannesburg.

The unknown road beckons me and the sun will shine warm, into the wild I go to find my direction magnetically. Johannesburg, goodbye.  Long Nights is dedicated to you, inspired by the life of Christopher “Supertramp” McCandless and sung by legend, Eddie Vedder. If you haven’t seen the movie, see it. If you haven’t heard the soundtrack, hear it.

Click this link to hear the song,