World Ocean Day 2011

Year Of Our Ocean is dedicated to the conscious preservation of our beautiful mother ocean, each and every day. June 8 2011 marks World Ocean Day serving the same pupose, raising awareness around the state and future of our oceans that make life on earth possible. This very second, thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, even millions of tons of garbage is finding its way into our oceans and threatning sea life worldwide.

Each and every person can make a difference, whether it be picking up litter in your street or cleaning up your local beach. Every bit helps towards creating an environment where all sea creatures may live out their days as intended. We are responsible for our mess,  we need to change and change begins within. Our oceans need us, now more than ever. Lets do this, together. YOOO can make the difference.

Here’s some advice from Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece on fighting pollution and saving our oceans.

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