What are we doing to our planet?

A barrel not to be proud of. Photo: Zak Noyle
A barrel not to be proud of. Photo: Zak Noyle

Words by Gero Lilleike

Screwing it up, definitely. There are few things that eek me out as much as seeing images like this coming to the fore. To be honest, I have visualised this image before in my mind and it was only a matter of time before it surfaced for real and guess what, I’m disappointed. This particular image was taken in Indonesia by photographer Zak Noyle on a trip to Java, the full article can be found here.

The sad reality is that this is not only an issue in Indonesia, but in oceans all across the world. Pollution is wreaking havoc to our oceans and its wildlife , yet the majority of the world’s population is oblivious to the fact. For many, this is either old news, or it’s not news at all and life goes on as usual with very little change happening. Who’s to blame? Everyone is to blame. Unfortunately we live in a world ruled by financial gain and greed and the effects thereof are left for nature to deal with, while us humans, the cause of the problem, turn a blind eye even though we lose as a result. It runs much deeper than that though for people know not what they do. Educational and cultural barriers stand tall against the plight of our oceans. Pollution is only one problem facing our oceans but the biggest problem is people. As long as people rape and pillage our seas, the worse off people will be. This affects everyone living on this planet today, no exclusions. Our oceans are screaming at us but its calls go unheard while the fires of industry burn. The power of change lies with us and with us only. There is no way out, this earth will have the last word.

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