About Gero Lilleike

Gero LilleikeWelcome to Leatherfoot,

I go by the name of Gero Lilleike and I am a freelance writer and photographer with a particular passion for travel writing and surfing.  I live in Cape Town, South Africa and am currently a  contributing travel writer for Travelwrite, a fast-growing travel review website. I also write about cars and you can find my work on South Africa’s largest and best motoring website, Cars.co.za.

I have worked as a freelance writer for 10 years and have had numerous articles published in magazines and newspapers, some of which appear on this site. I love travelling and experiencing new places and am a big fan of the outdoors. I love surfing, fishing, golf, hiking and pretty much anything fun. Enjoy the read, I hope you find something you can relate to.

If you want to contact me, email gero@cars.co.za

2 thoughts on “About Gero Lilleike

  1. Hi,

    I am the publishing editor of 72&Rising Magazine, a magazine dedicated to all things water. The magazine covers everything from wildlife and conservation, science and research, people and cultures to photography, travel and adventure.

    We are currently in the process of redoing our website where we hope to have submissions from a wide range of people that love and are involved in water in all its forms. I recently came across your blog and wondered if you might be interested in contributing an article with images to our site? We would of course include a link back to your website.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Rowena,

      I am a great lover of the ocean and am happy to contribute an article to your website. Please email me on gero@leatherfoot.co.za so that I have your contact details and please provide any further details of what you require. Thanks for getting hold of me.

      Kind Regards


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