The State of South African Politics, ‘The New Frontier’.

Johannesburg "The Next Frontier"

Every South African and many people around the world, regardless of color, are aware of South Africa’s sorded history regarding race and politics. The word ‘Apartheid’ or “Seperateness” is inextricably bound to South African culture. The word itself need not be spoken today, but can rather be seen on every South African street, in every South African dorpie, town or city. The word itself lives deep in the tearful eyes of every South African walking on this beautiful land.

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it states that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”. The Apartheid Government clearly neglected this, hands down.

In the name of a living legend, Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom can be seen as the the embodiment of freedom itself, a symbol of freedom, living proof that freedom, through love for our fellow brothers and sisters, is indeed possible. Madiba’s message was as clear as day, but where has our ‘Rainbow Nation’ gone wrong?

Here we are, together, with 17 long years of ‘democracy’ behind us. Have we made progress? Definately. Are we free? No. Will we ever be free? It depends. If we were to open our eyes and look around, we will see many truths that we may prefer to deny. I look around and see millions of South Africans living in poverty, in need of food,water and shelter. I look into the eyes of our youth and see the hunger to learn and play freely without fear. I see HIV/AIDS .  I see hungry people.  I see immense potential, but I also see lying, greedy and corrupt leaders who could care less for their fellow brothers or sisters but who only care for themselves. Are we still living in Apartheid? Most likely, yes.  What can the people do? Everything.

With the municipal elections around the corner, this is our chance to call for change, for the sake of every loving South African alive today. Lets direct our future. Lets get this right. The time is now. South Africa, I still love you.

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